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Austin news feed: Sour Patch Kids moves into East Austin, but it ain't so sweet for neighbors

Sour Patch Kids moves into Austin, but it ain't so sweet for neighbors

Sour Patch Kids House Austin
Bands stay for free at the "Patch House" in exchange for social media posts. Photo courtesy of Patch House Austin

Editor's note: Over the course of a week, we come across dozens of newsy tidbits and interesting links that we want to share with you. For this weekly roundup, we gathered all the news we found sour, juicy and worth sharing.

1. Sour Patch Kids candy has leased a house in East Austin for musicians. This is real life. The famous candy brand has taken over a house on Waller Street to be used as a free hostel for musicians for an entire year — but neighbors aren't too excited about it.

2. Did anyone on Tinder meet this young woman during SXSW? What could have been love was actually a promotional ploy for the science fiction movie Ex Machina.

3. University of Texas athletes are getting "digital bodyguards." UT has paired up with MyForce, a mobile bodyguard service app, to provide emergency services for student athletes.

4. Josh Watkins leaves Chavez project before it even begins. Just last month the former executive chef of The Carillon joined forces with the Radisson to rebrand Chavez, but reps say they've already parted ways.

5. Meet behind-the-scenes stars from some of Austin's most well-known restaurants and chefs. Zagat pulled the curtain back on the Austin dining scene to chat with these industry darlings.