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Austin ranks among the most educated cities in America — No. 1 in Texas

Austin ranks among the most educated cities in U.S. — No. 1 in Texas

University of Texas at Austin aerial
Austin is the sixth most educated city in America. That's pretty smart. Photo by dszc/Getty Images

All you smarty pants can commence bragging, because Austin has been named one of the most educated cities in America. 

Personal finance website ValuePenguin looked at key metrics across four categories to rank 200 U.S. cities, and Austin is No. 6. That's pretty smart. 

The Capital City ranks No. 16 for attainment, or the highest level of education earned by the 25-and-older population. In Austin, 26.4 percent have a bachelor's degree (well above the national average of 18 percent), while 14 percent have gone on to attain a master's degree or higher. 

That high level of attainment is likely related to Austin's high-quality education. We take the No. 22 spot for the quality of education at primary and secondary schools all the way up to local universities (that should come as no surprise to University of Texas graduates).

For college graduates residing in Austin, employment options are strong. Eighty-three percent of residents with a bachelor's degree are employed, which contributes to the city's No. 40 ranking in the education and employment category. 

The report does, however, identify an area that needs attention. Austin ranks No. 77 in the education and poverty category, as 13.3 percent of high school graduates and 4.5 percent of college graduates are living in poverty. 

While there's room for improvement, Austin is by far the most educated place in Texas. Next on the list is Dallas down at No. 54, followed by Amarillo (No. 60), Houston (No. 75), Lubbock (No. 100), and San Antonio (No. 105). To find the smartest of them all, head west to San Jose, California.