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Director discusses the making of sci-fi stunner Ex Machina in exclusive video

Director discusses the making of sci-fi stunner Ex Machina

What does it mean to be human? Viewers are forced to ponder this existential question and more in Ex Machinaa stunning science fiction thriller that began garnering buzz long before it hit European theaters in January.

Ahead of its highly anticipated U.S. release on April 10, SXSW Film attendees got a sneak peek of the movie that compels audiences to reflect on their own humanity. Actor Oscar Isaac told CultureMap that the festival was the perfect place for a screening because of the huge technology scene.

The story centers around an intelligent computer programmer (played by Domhnall Gleeson) who is asked to study a gorgeous robot woman. Her artificial intelligence is so convincing, in fact, she even caused a stir on Tinder during SXSW. 

Despite a dense plot, intense marketing ploys and potential existential crises, writer and director Alex Garland said making the film was easier than it looks — and it looks amazing. "This is the easiest film I've worked on. By miles," Garland told us on the red carpet.

The story was different for those in front of the camera. "There was a bit of a challenge for the actors," Garland said. "We had to shoot it in six weeks, which is quick. So for them, there was a lot pressure to sort of get things right fast so we can move on."

Watch our interview with Garland above, and check out quick red carpet snippets from Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson.

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Ex Machina is a powerful movie posing existential questions — which the director said was surprisingly easy to make. Courtesy of SXSW