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Here are the best — and funniest — podcasts from Austin's top comedians

Here are the best podcasts from Austin's top comedians

Victrola Austin comedy podcast
Victrola! is a monthly smorgasbord of sketches written and performed by some of Austin's best improv comedy talent. Photo by Erin Holsonback, An Indoor Lady

Podcasts are wondrous things. They can teach you, enlighten you, or simply distract you from the dude sitting next to you on the Nite Owl bus rambling about Alex Jones. And if you need a laugh, you're in luck, Austin, as there's no shortage of comedy podcasts produced right here.

We've rounded up a sampling of funny podcasts from top Austin comedians for you to check out. 

Continuing in the tradition of Firesign Theater and National Lampoon, Victrola! is a monthly smorgasbord of sketches written and performed by some of Austin's best improv comedy talent: Michael Jastroch, Bob McNichol, Bryan "Lubu" Roberts, Lance Gilstrap, Cortnie Jones, Jericho Thorp, and Molly Moore. As regular performers at ColdTowne Theater, the cast of Victrola! has been together for over a decade. These are some serious comedy chops. Victrola! made a splash at SXSW Comedy this year and just recorded an album. Listen to new episodes of Victrola! on the first of every month through your favorite podcast app.

Comedy Wham
This is quite an archive of Austin comedy. Digging in with the earnestness and due diligence of a true fan, Valerie Lopez and team dive deep with a diverse mix of local comics and improvisers. Dave Thomas founded Comedy Wham as an articles-only site in 2014 and Lopez added the audio interview the following year. Scour the back catalog for comics like Melody Shiflet, Maggie Maye, Bob Korvasi, and Arielle Norman. It's an excellent snapshot of our new comedic golden age. 

The 138-episode-strong StoryFellers is hosted by Pat Dean after former co-host Lane Krarup followed his dreams "of quitting the podcast." Dean is a comic's comic. Literally. His name is tattooed across the fierce fingers of comic Lisa Friedrich (co-host of Peep Show Spider House). His guests are Austin's finest comics, and Dean is a master interrupter. For a style that is simultaneously endearing and acerbic, get to know Dean and pals.

Lie, Cheat & Steal
Lie, Cheat & Steal tells the hilarious tales of human beings at their most dishonest, delusional, and desperate. Have you ever tried to convince someone that you were Robert De Niro so they would give you $30,000? Have you ever tried to sell a car that doesn't actually exist? Or maybe you just defrauded the McDonald's monopoly game out of 20 million bucks. If you've done anything like that, Pat Sirois and Kath Barbadoro will probably do an episode about you. If you just like to hear about those crazy tales, be sure to give it a listen.

Road Podcast
The Road Podcast is a you-are-there weekly dive into the van with Altercation Punk Comedy Tour headliner JT Habersaat as he zig-zags the world chatting with fellow comedians, musicians, and creative types, as well as adventures such as shark diving, snake wrangling, and cliff diving. New episodes every Tuesday.

Why Aren't You Screaming?
Comedians Vanessa Gonzales (Funniest Person in Austin Finalist) and Micheal Foulk (Greetings From Queer Mountain) share their tales of life in comedy and ask the important question: Why aren't you screaming? Hang out with them and hot producer Nathan Ehrmann (host of Gutbusters at Hops and Grain) every week for a much needed break from the collapse of society.

Help Wanted
Neurotic comedians and self-improvement addicts Valerie Nies and Regina Soto scan the self-help aisle or interview an expert who knows more than they do about a challenging topic. It's self-help for the not-so-serious. Nies also hosts the popular all-woman stand-up showcase Smile More, and Soto is a veteran of the Austin improv scene. Every episode is sponsored by a fake product that really should exist.

Leading the Blind
Wondering what a career in stand-up looks like? So do Austin comics Jered McCorkle and Arielle Norman (Stand Up Empire). They interview top comics in Austin and around the country, picking their brains about the variety of ways to make a living as a comedian. Get the real dirt from the road with no sugarcoating.