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Trendy sweat studio glides into West Austin with color therapy and more hot treatments

Sweat studio glides into West Austin with color therapy and more

Perspire Sauna Sweat spa
Perspire is gliding into Austin this summer. Courtesy photo

Sweating is the new spinning, at least that's what it seems from Austin's onslaught of saunas over the past 12 months. The latest to warm up Austinites is Perspire, a California-based infrared sauna therapy spa gliding into West Lake Hills this summer.

Billing itself as a health and wellness spa, Perspire offers 40-minute sweat sessions inside 13 private rooms, complete with "premium amenities" such as smart TVs with Netflix and Pandora and post-sweat cold towel sessions, according to release.

To induce the sessions, each sauna is equipped with an infrared heat waves that penetrate the skin. As a result, blood and oxygen flow increases inside the body, raising the body temperature by as much as three degrees while releasing impurities.

Perspire also claims that each session can result in a loss of 200-400 calories per session, reduced insomnia, give glowing skin, help reduce inflammation, speed up post-exercise recovery, and more. 

"We have seen amazing growth each year as more people seek healthier alternatives to harmful pharmaceuticals in order to feel better,” said Perspire co-founder and CEO Lee Braun in a release. “The word is spreading, and, since Austin is one of those communities that has been at the forefront of progressive health and wellness, we're really excited to bring this transformational experience to the city.”

Another transformational experience Perspire has is medical-grade chromotherapy technology, "a method of treatment that uses colors of electromagnetic light to treat various diseases and ailments." 

The idea behind chromotherapy is that each color someone is exposed to — in this case red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple — can ease a various disease or ailment. For example, someone looking to stimulate the circulatory system should sit under a red light, while someone looking to relax muscles or ease anxiety should spend time with the green chromotherapy light.

Additional amenities include personal showers in some of the rooms, as well as skylights and electric lights that can adjusted for mood or reading.

When Perspire opens in the WestBank Shopping Center at 3330 Bee Cave Rd. this summer, the 2,045-square-foot will be the company's first location in Texas. To celebrate, the company is offering $99 per month unlimited introductory rates (they're normally $169 per month) or four sessions for $49.

Once it begins welcoming its first customers, the sauna will be open from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday.