Kiehl's Comes to Austin

Beloved skincare brand brings first-of-its-kind apothecary to Austin

Beloved skincare brand brings first-of-its-kind apothecary to Austin

Kiehls Austin 5
Austin shoppers can expect the best of the best in skincare.  Photo by Shelley Neuman
Kiehls Austin 2
The Domain Northside shop mirrors the unique ambiance of the company’s New York Flagship location. 
Photo by Shelley Neuman
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Kiehl's offers a wide range of quality skin and hair care products for men, women, children, and even dogs.  Photo by Shelley Neuman
Kiehls Austin
Kiehl's is now open at Domain Northside. Photo by Shelley Neuman
Kiehls Austin 5
Kiehls Austin 2
Kiehls Austin 4
Kiehls Austin

The Domain Northside is Austin's newest destination for entertainment, dining, and shopping for everything from apparel to beauty. It's also the location of the first freestanding Kiehl's store in the city. 

The beloved New York-based skincare brand celebrated the grand opening of its new storefront last month. The store mirrors the unique ambiance found in the company’s original New York Flagship location, which began as a neighborhood apothecary in 1851. With the new shop, Kiehl's brings a modern New York apothecary to Austin, blending antique fixtures with modern flair.

To celebrate the opening, we caught up with Kiehl's U.S. president Chris Salgardo to get the scoop on what inspired the new storefront, plus some grooming tips just for men.

CultureMap: What’s the story behind bringing a freestanding Kiehl’s to Austin?
Chris Salgardo: I am a huge fan of the Texas consumer. Texas understands our product and appreciates all that goes into our brand, from our deep roots in the philanthropic community to being made in the U.S. We decided it was time for the brand to expand into our own freestanding locations, and I pride myself on knowing where our customers are, which is Austin. 

CM: The Domain Northside is the city's newest shopping destination. Was it an obvious choice for the store?
CS: Austin has always been on our radar, but our team takes great care and thought into where we open freestanding locations. We do not have a lot of stores, and we take pride in our hand-picked locations, so everything has to be perfect and right. It was a no-brainer to be in the Domain Northside.

CM: How do you think the brand resonates with Austinites?
CS: I feel that the brand resonates with a wide range of shoppers who value skincare and grooming. Austin embraces personal style, and I believe our storefront will offer customers a true personal experience. Our steadfast commitment to quality product is really unchallenged.

CM: What can customers expect from the shopping experience?
CS: Austin shoppers can expect the best of the best in skincare. We are dedicated to providing Austin with simple solutions to healthy skin.

CM: A lot of thought went into constructing this store. How does it align with the culture of Austin?
CS: Austin is the first store outside of New York to receive our new look and feel. When you are 165 years old, a brand can collect memories that can then translate into shopping environments. The brick and fixtures remind you of what it felt like to be in our East Village store in the 1800s. Mr. Bones and the motorcycle embrace our brand values and personality.

CM: Do you have any favorite fall products?
CS: I really enjoy our new fall offerings! 

We have introduced the brand’s holiday collaboration with FAILE and Feeding America, and we introduced a midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil that dissolves makeup and impurities while nourishing and hydrating skin

. In addition, we introduced Kiehl’s Men’s and launched their first anti-aging trio, age defender collection, and Kiehl’s first nourishing beard grooming oil.

Quick men's grooming tips from Chris Salgardo: 

  • Men's skin is 25 percent thicker, sweatier, and oilier. To balance this, men want to look for a product with caffeine to stimulate skin and vitamin C to brighten complexion and add an anti-oxidant protection.
  • To get the closest shave, we suggest men cleanse to remove the oil and dirt first, then use a high-quality shave cream designed to lift the hair, and always follow up with a high-quality moisturizer. It is important to shave in the shower allowing steam to open pores for a clean shave. If you are in a rush, one can always soak a washcloth in hot water and press to the skin for 30 seconds to get the same effect. 
  • If you ever find your razor is a little dull, sharpen a disposable razor using a pair of jeans. Sharpen the razor by gliding the blade with the grain of the denim (think down the leg of a pair of jeans).
  • For men with unruly eyebrows, use a lip balm to smooth out brows. 


Kiehl's is now open at Domain Northside. Salgardo invites shoppers to "come in, take a sample, and let's be friends!"