Football Watch Parties

Cheer on your favorite NFL team at Austin's bar headquarters for playoffs

Cheer on your NFL team at Austin's bar headquarters for playoffs

Little Woodrow's Austin
Here's your guide to where to watch the NFL playoffs. Little Woodrow's/Facebook

As a city filled with transplants, it’s nice to find your people when you’re feeling a little homesick. And for those of us who are NFL fanatics, it’s equally important to find your football family.

So where does one go during the NFL playoffs to be among your tribe? Luckily, Austin has a plethora of bars that proudly support a specific pro ball team. No matter which part of the country you hail from, or which football mascot you’d like to loudly cheer for, chances are there’s a bar dedicated to your team of choice.

Here is our guide to where to watch your NFL team in Austin during the 2016 playoffs.

Houston Texans – Lavaca Street Bar
Even though the Cowboys might be considered by most as “America’s team,” you’re much more likely to run into a Texans fan in Austin. For those rooting for Houston with pride, head to Lavaca Street for $15 domestic buckets of Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Budweiser.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Shiner’s Saloon
Everyone has that one team they support regardless of where they grew up. You’d think people might lean toward a Texas team, but we swear there are as many Steelers fans as any other team in all of Austin. Shiner’s Saloon is the unofficial home of the Steelers, and with seven TVs, inexpensive drinks, and a damn good food menu, you know what it is: Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.

Seattle Seahawks – Little Woodrow’s on West Sixth
You can find a sea of 12s at Little Woodrow's any time the Hawks are on. And usually there’s a guy leading the crowd in the signature “Sea … Hawks!” cheer with every impressive play. Bonus: During last year’s playoffs, Seattle fans (in jerseys) were treated to free tacos.

Minnesota Vikings – The Warehouse
While this isn’t an official Vikes bar, The Warehouse brings out a strong contingent of Minnesota fans on any given game day. The bar, which is over 30 years old, features 22 screens for prime viewing, as well as post-game activities like shooting pool or singing karaoke. Skol Vikings!

Green Bay Packers – Star Bar
Okay, Cheeseheads, this one’s for you. You can watch Green Bay get their “go Pack go” on at West Sixth Street’s Star Bar, the official Packer home. The trick is to get there early as there are diehard fans sporting green and gold that show up in droves every time the boys go hard in the paint.

Washington Redskins – Black Sheep Lodge
With one of the best bar menus in town, 20 big screen TVs, and a dog-friendly sports-watching patio, this South Austin neighborhood destination is a must for football season. Black Sheep garners a large gathering of Washington fans, so visit for the more than 50 beer offerings and myriad entertainment options.

New England Patriots – B.D. Riley’s
After last season’s scandal and Super Bowl win, there’s a lot of fiery passion surrounding the Patriots franchise. B.D. Riley’s plays host to New Englanders, allowing fans to “show their colors” by exclusively screening all Pats games. Additionally, don’t miss out on the delicious, authentic Irish food, which will make you feel like you're right at home on the East Coast.

Denver Broncos – The Local
Manning is back, which is all the more reason to make your way to The Local to cheer your dearly beloved Broncos on to victory. Hosting Denver fans on game days, all local drafts here on Saturdays and Sundays are $4, and Torres Taqueria serves up food to help balance out all of those touchdown shots.

Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, and Kansas City Chiefs
Although there are no “official” bars hosting any of these teams, there are representatives from these teams ensuring no man (or woman) gets left behind. To watch Cam Newton and the rest of this year’s dominating Panthers, visit Carolina’s watch party page for information on the next meet up. Another team that’s having a great season is Arizona. Again, no official bar, but you can scope out a game with your fellow Cardinals by visiting the Austin watch party page. Want to know where Missourians meet? There’s also a Kansas City Chiefs watch party page.

Cincinnati Bengals
Word on the street is that there are about 15 total Bengal fans in all of Austin, so … no Bengals bar. Luckily, there are a ton of great sports bars that show every game. (Just don’t go to a Steelers bar this Saturday.)

For future reference next season, these bars also play host to an NFL team:

  • New Orleans Saints – Shoal Creek Saloon
  • Baltimore Ravens – The Tavern
  • Buffalo Bills – Rattle Inn
  • Cleveland Browns – Recess Arcade Bar
  • Cowboys – Draft Pick
  • San Diego Chargers – Star Bar