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9 hot spots to find the best street food in Austin

9 hot spots to find the best street food in Austin

Don Food Truck Austin
If you’ve got $5, you’ve got lunch at Don Japanese Food Truck. Photo courtesy of Yelp

If you’ve traveled abroad, you know that street food is both universal and unique. Universal in that there’s always someone hocking takeaway items in busy markets, unique because each culture boasts entirely different flavors and styles. Below are our top picks for places that feature legit international market-style snacks (without the pricey plane fare).

Don Japanese Food Truck
If you’ve got $5, you’ve got lunch. Don Japanese is serving up big portions of tender chicken karaage and chicken, veggie, or pork katsu. For a dollar more, throw in some rice, avocado, and fish katsu. Add a runny egg and spicy chili oil, and you've majorly leveled up. Find this food truck at 28th and Guadalupe streets.

Bombay Dhaba
Located at 1207 S. First St., this is as good as any Indian food you’ll get in a brick-and-mortar. The appetizers and lunch specials are under $10, and (bonus) Bombay Dhaba will also come to your office and cater.

This hidden gem serves Brazilian street food off East Seventh Street. Choose from yucca fries, empanadas, and freshly squeezed mango juice. Rumors also exist of a traditional stroganoff dish that's available off menu. If you don’t know what to order, just trust Fernando.

Beautifully marinated lomo saltado with caramelized red onions and crispy fries. Citrusy mahimahi ceviche topped with crispy and steamed corn. Have an Inka Kola while you’re at it, and high-five David. Ceviche7 is located at 502 W. 30th St.

Hay Elotes
This elotes spot has two locations now. Go for the Mexican street corn (white chewy corn with butter, queso fresco, crema, mayonnaise, lime, and chili); mangonadas; chamoyadas; nachos; and chicharrones. 

Sabor A Honduras
Pupusas and tacos catrachos: Fun to say, more fun to eat. Sabor A Honduras, located off Pleasant Valley Road, also serves homemade tortillas, crema, beans, and slow-roasted meat. The portions are big and the prices are cheap. 

Song La
Founded by musicians, Song La serves locally sourced and beautifully crafted Taiwanese street food at the UT Co-op food court. Go-to dishes include pork belly buns, chicken bites with basil, and braised pork rice.

Flying Carpet Moroccan
This is BYOB Moroccan soul food in the form of chemical-free meat (burgers, chicken) and cage-free eggs. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available. 

Dee Dees ATX
The owner of Dee Dees learned her craft in Thailand's northern countryside under the tutelage of her mother and great grandmother. Head to East Cesar Chavez Street for northern Thai street food, and don't you dare skip the mango sticky rice.