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5 unique Austin wedding venues to ensure yours is an affair to remember

Unique Austin wedding venues to ensure yours is an affair to remember

The Sanctuary Event Space wedding bride groom party
The Sanctuary is an Austin gem minutes from downtown. The Sanctuary Event Space/Facebook

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and there's no shortage of venues to host beautiful nuptials in Austin. But why not keep it a little weird? Whether you're seeking just a dash of local flavor or going for the gold, these spaces embody the charms of the city without the stuffiness of a traditional ceremony.

The Sanctuary
A gem in South Austin, this gorgeous space is fully charged with good vibes from the yoga classes taking place during the week. Minutes from downtown, the heritage trees and lush garden will have guests feeling like they are miles outside the urban center. All proceeds from the very reasonably priced space go to the youth programs supported by the Amala Foundation. Bring your guests to this enchanted space and enjoy happy karma for years to come.

Zilker Botanical Garden
Did you know you can reserve this lush public space for your nuptials? Save on flower costs by bringing the wedding right into the garden. Zilker Botanical Garden covers 26 acres and connects several themed gardens, waterfalls, and fun exhibits. Whether you're called to the romance of the Mabel Davis Rose Garden or drawn to the peace of the Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden, this setting is sure to wow. To reserve, call 512-477-8672.

Austin Wedding Chapel
For brides and grooms seeking celebration with as little fuss as possible, try the Austin Wedding Chapel. The venue provides altar backdrops, a nondenominational officiant, and a custom playlist. Guests choose from one of three wedding packages, depending on their needs and price point. For just $150, couples can enjoy The Pearl, a whirlwind ceremony lasting only half an hour. Get in, get married, and get on with the honeymoon!

Flatbed Press
A gallery wedding is a great choice for couples seeking a modern feel. Our favorite gallery space in Austin? The sprawling Flatbed Press, an anchor of the Austin art scene. With 18,000 square feet of space, high ceilings, and amazing lighting, the gallery and printing press is an alternative to frilly venues and overly precious decor. Stop by to see if the space speaks to you, then start making arrangements for your special day.

Cathedral of Junk
Vince Hannemann's junk masterpiece is an Austin icon nearly 28 years in the making. A complicated maze of knick-knacks, cast-offs, and brick-a-brack, many have described visits to the Cathedral as oddly spiritual. Let it be a part of your love story, but be sure to call ahead at 512-299-7413.