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The Oprah edition

Top Chef Seattle gets all touchy-feely heading into finale

By Teresa Gubbins

With only three contestants left, episode 15 of Top Chef Seattle is a slow-moving beast that delves deeply into the personal lives, motivations and dreams of its remaining chefs. It's everythin ...

To Juneau we will go

Top Chef Seattle gets cold and crabby in Alaska

By Teresa Gubbins

For episode 14 of Top Chef Seattle, it's time to don your quilted parkas as the cruise ship docks in Juneau, Alaska. That means Alpine knitted caps for Padma, huskies hauling sleds, and an inev ...

Ship ahoy

Top Chef Seattle cruises to Alaska, but no one rocks the boat

By Teresa Gubbins

With only another episode or two until the finale, Top Chef Seattle is in cruising mode. This week's episode is on a cruise — to Alaska. "Alaska, here we come," says one contest ...

Chicken dinner

Dallas chef Josh Valentine gives judges the bird on Top Chef Seattle

By Teresa Gubbins

Well hoo-ha for Dallas. Dallas chef Josh Valentine won Top Chef Seattle this week. Josh finally emerges from the middle of the pack to win for fried chicken with a twist on Buffalo chicken wing ...

What Sure Thing?

The unthinkable happens on Top Chef Seattle restaurant wars

By Teresa Gubbins

In the history of Top Chef, no season has ever telegraphed a winner more clearly than this one, season 10, Top Chef Seattle. From the beginning — and especially since the departure of Dal ...

Pull out your hankies

Judges get sappy as Top Chef Seattle reaches long-awaited Restaurant Wars challenge

By Teresa Gubbins

While last week's tragically ousted contestant chef John Tesar continued his #SaveChefJohn campaign to get un-ousted, the remaining Top Chef Seattle contestants reconvened for episode 10 &mdash ...

Goodbye eyeliner goodbye

Top Chef Seattle gets very berry, but the Texas chefs take a hit

By Teresa Gubbins

The Texas contingent takes a hit in episode 7 of Top Chef Seattle — and so too shall the price of Maybelline stock, the leading brand when it comes to eyeliner. Yes, one of Dallas' th ...

Padma playmates

Top Chef Seattle whips up Hollywood-worthy dishes for celebs Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

By Teresa Gubbins

Is it just because we're from Texas that we find the most intriguing Top Chef Seattle plot points involve the three chefs from Dallas? Danyele's adoption! Tesar's redemption. And that a ...

No cheese curd for you

Top chefs flub and artisanal challenge flops on Top Chef Seattle

By Teresa Gubbins

They could've called episode 5 of Top Chef Seattle "The Foodie Edition," with its focus on produce, farmers markets and artisanally made goods. So how ironic that, on this artisan ...

The gobbler trials

Top Chef Seattle stages epic turkey battle for Thanksgiving Eve show

By Teresa Gubbins

On Thanksgiving Eve and with turkey on the brain, Top Chef Seattle pulled off a cunning programming feat in episode 3 by staging a turkey duel, a battle of the turkeys, a turkey throwdown. They ...

11 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)
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