Sweat it Out

Trendy sweat and wellness studio steams things up with second Austin location

Trendy sweat studio steams things up with second Austin location

Perspire Sauna Studio spa sweat
Get that detox on. Photo courtesy of Perspire Sauna Studio

A trendy new infrared sauna is heating up West Austin. Perspire Sauna Studio opened its first Texas location on Wednesday, August 28, in the Westbank Shopping Center in West Lake Hills and announced plans for a second Austin shop.

As Austin approaches what surely is our 9,000th day of 100-degree heat, the idea of paying money to sit in a hot room may seem downright silly. But Perspire offers more than just a good sweat. The California-based company offers "full-spectrum infrared" technology that "supports relaxation, relieves aches and pains, and helps muscles recover faster," says a release.

The West Lake Hills location features 13 rooms to service each 40-minute session. The space allows customers to sweat it out in privacy while enjoying amenities like smart TVs and post-session cold towel treatment. Five of the treatment room also offer showers.

Infrared heat waves, says Perspire, penetrate cells, joints, muscles, and joints to facilitate recovery and increase oxygen flow. Combined with sweating, the waves help remove impurities from the body (and watch Netflix while doing so). It also helps burns 200-400 calories per session, the company claims.

Each sauna also comes equipped with chromotherapy technology, "a method of treatment that uses colors of electromagnetic light to treat various diseases and ailments." Sometimes referred to as light therapy, this treatment is used to help everything from post-workout recovery to insomnia.

Perspire has grown rapidly since its founding in 2010, opening five studios in California and Arizona. According to owner Doug Schaaf, Austin's interest in infrared sauna treatments has been enough to convince the company to open a second location next year at 3637 Far West Blvd.

The Northwest Hills locale will be equipped with nine rooms, slightly smaller than the West Lake Hills shop, but offer the same infrared and chromotherapy technologies.

“We are so excited to open the first Texas Perspire Sauna Studio and to finally give Austinites access to our state-of-the-art infrared sauna therapy,'' says Schaaf. “With Perspire, we are bringing a high-quality infrared sauna and chromotherapy experience to the community in order to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul of our guests. We look forward to continuing to bring our experience to more of the city with the opening of our second location early next year.”

In celebration of the West Lake Hills opening, Perspire is offering discounts on its introductory weekly passes, four-pack passes, and unlimited monthly passes.