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This new club grants you exclusive access to Austin's top restaurants

This new club grants you exclusive access to Austin's top restaurants

Prelog's European Kitchen & Bar_food plates_March 2015
Taster's Table Club is a new dining collective that offers members-only access to monthly tasting menus. Prelog's/Facebook

Want an exclusive taste of Austin's top restaurants? Join the club. 

Taster's Table Club is a new dining collective that gives members access to monthly suppers at restaurants around the Capital City. With Taster's Table, Austinites explore their culinary boundaries without emptying their wallets. 

The idea sprung from the founders' quest to check off the restaurants on their own "must-try" list. "Everyone has a restaurant list. Everyone who is in Austin who likes food a little bit has the five to 10 restaurants they want to try," co-founder Max Kunik tells CultureMap. "This is a fun way to do that and meet new people."

The club has already catered unique experiences at places like Prelog's, Olive & June, Contigo, Licha's Cantina, and Burn Pizza Bar. The series launched in the summer of 2015, but is experiencing a major revamp in the new year. In addition to restructuring the membership fees, founders Kunik and Matt Wolski are bringing more restaurants into the fold and expanding the club's offerings.

Members choose tasting menus offered by 10 different restaurants each month. Instead of paying $60 to $100 for a six-course (or more) meal, which is what the typical diner would dish out, members only pay their monthly fee of $45 to $60. The suppers only have 12 seats per restaurant, and occur every third Tuesday. Some months, restaurants will offer premium tasting menus for an additional cost.

"It's a win for all parties. The consumer wins because they're getting a good, perceivable value on the menu, and the restaurants win because they bring in about 12 people who may not have come in before," says Wolski.

There's still time to join Taster's Table Club for the next dinner in February.