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Meat-loving Austin named top city for vegans? Better believe it

Meat-loving Austin named top city for vegans? Better believe it

The Vegan Nom taco
In Austin, it's easy to be vegan and also enjoy barbecue. The Vegan Nom/Facebook

No matter how you slice it, Austin is a foodie mecca. And now the "greatest city for barbecue in the world" has been named a top spot for vegans.

A roundup of the 10 most vegan-friendly cities in the country by PETA ranks Austin No. 8 for 2016, due to our abundance of dining options and a thriving vegan culture. 

"Austin's vegan cuisine covers every craving, from soy chorizo burritos packed with melty, dairy-free cheese to rich, vanilla buttercream cupcakes," PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said in a release.

The animal welfare organization touted several trailers and restaurants, many of which feature vegan versions of Tex-Mex and barbecue — two Austin staples. Notable trailers include The Vegan Yacht, The Vegan Nom, BBQ Revolution, and Cool Beans. Arlo's and Unity Vegan Kitchen get nods for serving up vegan comfort food, whereas Bistro Vonish specializes in fine-dining trailer food.

PETA points to Casa de Luz, where a daily lunch and dinner menu consistently features hearty veggie options. Pair that with a dessert from Happy Vegan Baker, Skull & Cakebones, or Capital City Bakery, and you have the perfect recipe for vegan friendliness.

The list varies year to year, but Austin is a regular contender — in fact, we took first place in 2013. This year, Portland leads the pack, followed by Los Angeles; New York; Detroit; and Nashville, Tennessee.