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Yep, Austin's the booziest city in the U.S. — and here's what we're drinking

Austin's the booziest city in the U.S. — here's what we're drinking

Austin Photo Set: molly_national margarita day_feb 2013_jack allens kitchen
Austin has been deemed the No. 1 booziest city in the country. Photo courtesy of Jack Allen's Kitchen

Austinites love their happy hours — so much so, in fact, that we can add booziest city in America as a claim to fame.

According to, Austin is the No. 1 spot for booze-loving singles. The popular dating website determined the booziest cities based on information from user profiles.

Austin has the most users who drink "regularly," at least according to their dating profiles, and how can you blame us? From first dates to ladies' night out, there's always something to toast to in Austin. It looks like local lads love drinking a little more than the ladies. Broken down by gender, Austin is the No. 1 booziest city among male users, No. 2 for the females.

And what is it that these party people are drinking? Match revealed a standout drink for each boozy city, based on mentions by local users compared to the national average. The margarita is the most distinct beverage in Austin. With so many creative options, it's no wonder that grabbing a margarita is a popular date idea tossed around by local singles.

America's other boozy spots are Santa Rosa, California; New Orleans; the Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton area in Oregon and Washington; and Charleston, South Carolina.