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Tim Tebow grows a conscience? Cites "new information" in canceling talk at anti-gay church

By Claire St. Amant

Tim Tebow called a timeout on his scheduled appearance at First Baptist Dallas, canceling the April 28 speaking engagement via Twitter. The word came in a series of tweets beginning around ...

You make the call

Will Texas A&M have it even worse than the Houston Astros? The league transition debate

By Jayme Lamm, Neil Kogut

There are grumblings all throughout Texas, and quite frankly, the nation, about two massive impending sporting moves. The first, mostly because of historically better performances and a much st ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Praise Romo: Is the Tim Tebow act from the Cowboys' new dad for real?

By Chris Baldwin

Almost lost amid Tim Tebow getting booed at a Yankees game, Robert Griffin III having his character questioned (in a most ridiculous matter) and the continuing drama over the New Orleans Saints' ...

Down And Distance

Football is over and Peyton Manning is the story: Does Eli pass the Matt Ryan test

By Dan Solomon

That was a hell of Super Bowl, wasn’t it? Opening with a safety, extended pushes of hard-nosed defensive football, that magnificent Mario Manningham catch, a rushing touchdown to take the lea ...

Down And Distance

Tim Tebow outpolls Mitt Romney and the GOP field: All Tebow, all the time

By Dan Solomon

The hardest part of rooting for Tim Tebow in the playoffs is knowing how much you’re going to hate that guy when he’s the Republican nominee for President in 2036. If you caught yoursel ...

Down And Distance

As the playoffs loom, how to justify watching Ben Roethlisberger play football

By Dan Solomon

This weekend’s slate of NFL games offered a rare opportunity for football fans who watch the game with a  conscience: namely, the opportunity to see the Steelers play without the ickines ...

Funny stuff

Jesus tells Tim Tebow to take it down a notch in Saturday Night Live sketch

By Clifford Pugh

Just when you think Saturday Night Live has lost its relevance — too many unfunny skits and really bad impressions of Barack Obama, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney — the comedy show really s ...

Down And Distance

You can't be an underdog if all you do is win: How Tim Tebow undercuts Rick Perry's Culture War nonsense

By Dan Solomon

At this point, there’s really no explanation besides the obvious: Fine, Tim Tebow is %$&*ing magic, okay? There’s no point disputing it, or pointing to thirteen consecutive incomple ...

Down And Distance

Is Tim Tebow the messiah for the American Culture War?

By Dan Solomon

The messianic nonsense around Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is only ever going to grow if he keeps pulling off miracles like going from being down against Miami with a score of 15-0, and less than ...

Fantasy Football Truths

The Broncos are back, or at least your fantasy team with Tim Tebow

By Jim Beviglia

I am jumping on the Tim Tebow bandwagon this week. This has nothing to do with any religious implications. It actually has to do with greed, one of the Seven Deadly Sins if I recall those catechism ...

10 Results. Showing to
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