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Twin Liquors launches new app and exclusive alcohol delivery service in Austin

Twin Liquors launches new exclusive alcohol delivery service in Austin

Twin Liquors Hancock Austin
Twin Liquors has introduced a new online delivery service. Photo courtesy of Twin Liquors

The holiday season may be just kicking off, but Twin Liquors is already breaking out the gifts. On November 1, the locally owned chain announced that it will now bring the party to your door with the launch of a new Austin delivery service.

“Twin Liquors began as a neighborhood store, and we always strive to maintain that personal shopper approach while meeting the needs of our customers, which today means saving them time,” said Margaret Jabour, Twin Liquors' executive vice president, in a release. “The launch of our delivery and pick-up service provides an additional way to conveniently shop.”

Want to make Mai Tais for an impromptu get-together? Head to the company’s website or download the Twin Liquors app on an Android or iPhone. Users can search through wines, spirits, and beers by name, then filter the results by a variety of fields including price range, brand, varietal, place of origin, vintage, and size.

When ready to check out, customers are given the option to either pick up in the store or, if the order is over $30, have it delivered. The delivery option comes with a $8 delivery fee, but offers the convenience of choosing a delivery window and tipping within the app. Purchases can also be marked as a gift and sent with a customized note.

The app also gives users the ability to scan barcodes if a particular bottle strikes their fancy at a restaurant. If the bottle is available, it is automatically added to the shopping cart. If not, the app will suggest a replacement brand. We bet after downloading, you’ll do exactly as we did and scan every bottle in your house.

In addition, Twin Liquors will be integrating the e-commerce platform into live events so customers can shop as they sip. The (potentially dangerous) feature will be tested at the Wine & Food Foundation of Texas’s annual Big Reds & Bubbles event on November 9 at Brazos Hall.

Although Twin Liquors has stores across the state, the app currently only covers the greater Austin area and delivery is only available from some stores. But for those lucky enough to live within the city, building a home bar is now literally at their fingertips.