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Vegan dim sum truck plows into popular East Austin coffee shop and bar

Vegan dim sum truck plows into popular East Austin coffee shop and bar

Plow Bao
Plow Bao will specialize in vegan dumplings that taste like their meatier cousins. Plow Bao/Facebook

First, they conquered veggie burgers, then they fired up a plant-based barbecue truck. Now the owners of Plow Burger and Plow-B-Q are about to revolutionize Austin’s dim sum scene with a new food truck devoted to 100 percent vegan dumplings and bao.

Co-owner Isaac Mogannam tells CultureMap that Plow Bao is set to open in mid-to-late December, barring any hiccups. Like Plow-B-Q, the unique concept will be parked at the recently opened Buzz Mill Shady at 5012 E. Seventh St., next to Infinite Monkey Theorem winery.

The truck was developed in partnership with Plow staff member Joyce Ni, as part of the company’s new venture, Crop Seed. The project is intended to kickstart employee entrepreneurship, according to Mogannam.

Ni developed Plow Bao's menu based on her grandmother’s traditional recipes. And while many vegan dumplings served in the Austin area highlight vegetables, Ni’s offerings will use meat substitutes, like Beyond Meat, to appeal to carnivores and herbivores alike.

“We really feel to get more people [eating a plant-based diet], they need to have the visceral experience with the taste, texture, and flavor of meat,” explains Mogannam.

Among the offerings will be vegan takes on Peking duck bao, beef and shrimp shumai, pork sausage pan-fried dumplings, and red bean dumplings. Later this winter, Ni will begin serving housemade wontons, and she has rice and noodle dishes planned for the spring.

Plow Bao is the third food truck concept for the growing brand. Plow Burger, opened in 2018, is located at the original Buzz Mill location at 1505 Town Creek Dr.