Not Mom's Meatloaf

Austin diner's famous fare named one of the top 5 dishes in America

Austin diner's famous fare named one of the top 5 dishes in America

24 Diner Andrew Curren meatloaf dish
24 Diner's hearty meatloaf has been named one of the top diner dishes in the U.S. Photo by Vanessa Escobedo Barba

Comfort food may not be sexy, but it still deserves its time in the spotlight. Such is the case on a recent episode of Top 5 Restaurants featuring the best diners in the nation.

The Food Network show, which provides definitive lists on top eateries, has declared Austin's 24 Diner one of America's best, naming its meatloaf the No. 5 tastiest diner dish in the U.S.

Chef Andrew Curren uses a combination of beef and pork complemented by classic condiments like ketchup, Worcestershire, Tabasco, and Dijon mustard to make his now-famous main course.

"His meatloaf is unlike any other — it's made with 30 ingredients and even contains Monterey Jack cheese. To make sure that no one has to fight over who gets the crispy ends, slices of meatloaf are seared in a cast-iron pan to develop a crust before going out to diners," gushes Food Network. The hearty dish is so satisfying that "Curren even dares to say that his meatloaf is better than his mom's." 

America's other best diner dishes include the BW Benny from Harry's Coffee Shop in La Jolla, California; the Nebulous Potato Thing from St. Francis Fountain in San Francisco; chicken pot pie from Agawam Diner in Rowley, Massachusetts; and custard French toast from Modern Diner in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.