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News from the capital

Gov. Rick Perry's political philosophy explained in 8 quotes

By Claire St. Amant

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is in Washington D.C. for the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual meeting of the American Conservative Union. Perry took the stage on March 14 to rev up the c ...

Chalk Talk

Healer-in-chief? Divisive election emphasizes need for politicians to work together

By Kim Davis

It’s finally over. The most divisive, contentious presidential campaign in my lifetime ended with President Obama being re-elected for four more years. Not only is he commander-in-chief now h ...

Looking Back

The great divide: President Obama carries top 4 Texas cities and still gets trounced in Lone Star State

By Clifford Pugh

I know I sound like Chuck Todd, but election statistics can be fascinating. While President Obama lost the state of Texas badly, he outpaced Gov. Mitt Romney in the state's four largest cities. ...

Election Night 2012

Obama wins re-election while Texas candidates continue battles in Senate, Congress

By Karen Brooks Harper

Some new Texas blood, from both sides of the aisle, heads to a mostly status quo Congress - and the Texas statehouse inches to the left after voters across the Lone Star State on Election Night cho ...

Polls galore

7-Eleven's coffee-cup wisdom calls presidential election for Obama

By Claire St. Amant

The sheer volume of presidential polls in this election cycle is an SNL skit waiting to happen. But if you're looking for one poll to hang your hat on, look no further than Dallas-based 7-Eleve ...

Thou Shalt Not Steal Much?

Why being surrounded by conservative Christian Republicans makes me covet a security system

By Christina Pesoli

I'm thinking about getting a home security system, and boy do I resent it.  Security systems go against the whole 1970s-liberal-Democrat-spirit of my upbringing.   Guarding your ...

election 2012

Why the second presidential debate offered fisticuffs fun but no real news

By Karen Brooks Harper

Last night’s Town Hall-style presidential debate is being called one of the best in decades, an aggressive fisticuffs with an interactive audience and a feisty moderator. And honestly, it ...

Political Engagement

The Friday Night Lights election: Why politicians love "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose."

By Sarah Rufca

The small media circus that erupted when "lifelong liberal" Buzz Bissinger declared his support of Mitt Romney after the first presidential debate was more than a little confusing. Bi ...

Convention stories

Stars, parties, protestors and politics: A guide to the political conventions

By Karen Brooks Harper

Don't judge me. But there's no place I'd rather be right now than in Tampa, six press badges on lanyards around my neck, pounding down the street to catch a keynote somewhere, short on ...

Music Matters

Why politicians stink at choosing songs: Romney & Obama know it's the rare bipartisan issue

By Bill Van Rysdam

In a heated political campaign, words matter. The right word can sway someone who is sitting on the proverbial fence to pick a side. The wrong word can take a candidate's message off t ...

29 Results. Showing to
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