Disturbing Images From D.C. Tragedy

FBI releases chilling video footage of Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis stalking victims

FBI releases chilling video of Navy Yard shooter stalking victims

The FBI has released video footage of Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, a former Fort Worth resident, stalking his victims on September 16. The shooting rampage left 13 people dead, including Alexis.

The chilling footage shows Alexis, 34, wearing dark clothing and and entering the military facility in Washington, D.C. Multiple ID badges are visible on Alexis' body when he is later seen carrying a large gun, stalking around corners and stairways looking for victims.

In the 30-second video compiled from security cameras, Alexis at times appears calm but also moves strategically and aims his gun in doorways and down hallways. None of the FBI footage released to the public shows shots being fired.

Alexis was working as a civilian contractor for the Navy at the time of the shooting. No motive has been identified for the rampage, though reports indicate he was dissatisfied with his pay. Alexis had previous run-ins with the law in Fort Worth and Seattle — both incidents involved gun violence.

Aaron Alexis
Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth. Photo courtesy of Busted Mug Shots